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New Contender in the Game of Thrones?

Mild GoT-related amusement from today's Guardian here.

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Belated GoT season 4 thought

Winter is coming
I just realised...

Spoilers for GoT up to the end of season 4 behind cut

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Buffy season 10 no 4

comic book spike with chain
Read this. Quite enjoyed it. Precis of the chief plot points and brief review behind cut.


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Summer of Giles

sexy Giles
Nice to have a bit of spare time the last couple of days. If not, I probably wouldn't have taken in what wonderful entries are being posted on this year's summer_of_giles.

I particularly love these two fanvids.

Thought You'd Need Me by gilescandy, Giles and Dark Willow. Wonderful work, and the poster's first fan vid as well.

Your Colour, by rbfvid, Giles/Drusilla - or rather Giles and the colour red. Again, wonderful work, and to a very appropriate song.

General grumpy GoT blather

The plasterer has turned up today, which is a relief (can't get much further with the house renovation till the plastering's done), so I'm sitting here , trying to look properly at LJ for the first time in ages and feeling a bit sad about how quiet it is.

More behind cut with vague spoilers for GoT.

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The house renovations continue to continue

Well, not so much today, as the plasterer failed to show up. :(

Still, at least I haven't had a fight with S - mainly because he isn't here.

In other news (such as it is), er...

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Angel & Faith Season 10 No 3

comic book spike with chain
Read this today.

Not really a review behind the cut because I can't be bothered.


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Jun. 2nd, 2014

Bouncy penguin
Happy belated birthday helenkacan!! So sorry I missed it.

I've probably missed a bunch of other birthdays too. If yours was one of them, I'm very sorry and hope it was a good one.